Our Story...

Co-Workers...Friends..Business Partners...

Milton Mouzon and Edgard Sanchez

In July of 2013 two football fans found themselves working side by side at an Atlanta warehouse. One was a Falcons fan (Milt), the other was a Saints fan (Edgard). It was a trash talking paradise heading to gameday every Friday. When the two teams played, it really got crazy. You would think this relationship would be rocky, due to the fact that Falcons fans and Saints fans generally despise one another. To everyone's surprise, they worked great together. They became friends, hung out together, and talked about their goals and dreams. After discussing possible business ventures, they decided to go all in and start up a food truck. Edgard loves cooking. Milt loves eating at food trucks. They both love making money. The perfect opportunity for both. And so the birth of...C'est Tout Bon 2 Eat - A Food Truck Divided!  

Our Story Part II

After three years of Food Truckin Chef Edgard decided to focus on some other things.  Luckily, for you die hard CTB2E fans, Milt still wanted to keep BIG JUICE rolling.  The transition was seamless and the quality you have come to expect has been exceeded.  There is nothing Milt enjoys more than wearing his Falcons gear and cooking a Shrimp Po Boy again for a Saints fan.  Noticed we said...AGAIN!  That means the die hard Saints fan keep coming back.  Nothing says job well done more than Louisiana natives enjoying our food!

Jill Mouzon (Milt's Wife) has taken over the cooking and is whipping up some new faves including: Fried Shrimp & Grits, Andouille & Bacon Mac, Smoked Creole Wings and Boudin Balls.  Milt also partnered up with Anthony Crowder, his childhood friend, who manages the front of the truck and handles logistics for private events.  The truck is no longer divided.  Milt has aligned himself with Dirty Bird Fans!  We still welcome trash talkers...its all good!