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Crawfish Mac & Cheese

The ultimate mac and cheese for the lover of crawfish.  Macaroni loaded with spicy crawfish tails, monterey and cheddar cheeses.  Deliciousness on a level we can't even explain.  If it's on the menu, it's a must try!  Usually sells out fast.  So don't hesitate...pull the trigger and make sure your taste buds get satisfied.  This is so good, we have seen customers breakdown if it's not on the menu.  Also, be on the lookout for Creole Mac.

 Creole Fries

We get comments on our fries everywhere we go.  Trust us, you haven't had fries until you have had CREOLE FRIES!  There is nothing better than our golden brown shoestring fries, generously seasoned with creole spices.  Don't worry they are not spicy...just ridiculously good!   

Biscuit Beignets

A mouth-watering twist on the famous New Orleans beignets.  Deep fried biscuit halves tossed in a cinnamon & sugar mix then topped with powdered sugar. Warning:  These are very addictive and delicious!  Give these a try, you will not be disappointed.  Kids and adults LOVE THEM!

The  Dang Good Dog

Delicious 1/4lb deep fried hotdog made with premium angus beef.  Served on a toasted brioche bun splashed with spicy mayo and then topped with our THUMBS UP sauce.  

Cajun CheeseBurger (Showstopper)

Everybody loves a good burger, right?  Well, the Cajun Cheeseburger will keep you coming back.  Our "Fresh not Frozen" 1/3 lb angus beef burger is cooked and seasoned to perfection.  Served on a toasted brioche bun with spicy mayo, ketchup, mustard and pickles.  Every bite is memorable with this tasty burger.  Make it even better by topping it with Bacon or Creole Mac and cheese.

Shrimp Po' Boy (The Nawlinz)

Don't mean to brag.  Don't mean  to boast.  Our Shrimp Po' Boy is like hot butter on your breakfast toast!  In other words - its good!  We use wild caught gulf shrimp that is seasoned to perfection then carefully placed on a bed of shredded lettuce with sliced tomatoes. This amazing Po' Boy is served on toasted french bread that is  lightly coated with mayo. The delicious shrimp is then topped with our homemade remoulade sauce.  Add fries for a great experience!  If you've been on a mission to find a good Po' Boy in the ATL...look no further than CTB2E!

Andouille Sausage Po' Boy (The Dewey)

Talk about amazing!  Grilled andouille sausage served on toasted french bread.  Fully dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. This sandwich is topped with our tasty homemade remoulade and thumbs up sauces.  Just the right amount of spice in this version.  Can't go wrong when you choose this tasty sandwich.  

Patton's Hot Beef Sausage Po' Boy

It's been said. "If it ain't Patton's, it ain't right!"  Our delicious Patton's Po' Boy comes fully dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.  We toast the toast the french bread in the delicious Patton's juices.  For the ultimate experience, we recommend adding cheese!  You can also get this as a sandwich, if you need the flavor but want to eat light.  This sandwich is a New Orleans favorite.  Don't miss out on this flavor!

Jambalaya (Mmm...Good)

A spicy creole dish of rice cooked with smoked andouille, tomatoes, the holy trinity (onion, green peppers and celery), and seasoned with our secret spices.  Satisfying and oh so delicious!  


Smoked Creole Wings (Not Available Due to High Costs)

Triple threat wings.  Roasted, smoked and then deep fried.  Our wings are marinated in our secret creole rub.  No sauce needed for these delicious wings. We usually do wings on the weekends, but they can pop up on the menu at anytime.  Stay in the know, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @cesttoutbon2eat - Currently this item is not available due to high costs.


Catfish Po' Boy

Delicious catfish nuggets seasoned to perfection and served Po' Boy style.  It comes fully dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and topped with our homemade remoulade.  Nothin' like a delicious catfish po' boy.  Of course, we serve it on toasted french bread.  

Deep Fried Chicken Sandwich (The Dirty Bird)

Delicious chicken breast, deep fried and served on a soft potato bun.  Comes with spicy mayo, pickles and the right amount of cajun spices to make this an unforgettable sandwich.  Add cheese, if you like.  If you love a good chicken sandwich, this one will keep you coming back.  

Fried Shrimp N Grits (Kiss My Gritz)

Fried Shrimp N Grits.  Yup fried shrimp!  Try it, you will LOVE it!  Our delicious shrimp served with our amazing corn grits (contains cheese) and our tomato, butter and onion creole sauce.  Jill's take on this southern classic has customers that never liked grits coming back for more.  This sells out quickly, when it's on the menu.

Shrimp N Fries (Gettin' Shrimpy)

Love Shrimp?  Love Fries?  Welcome to heaven.  Our delicious shrimp and our amazing creole fries make for a satisfying meal.  Extra shrimp option available.  Comes with a side of our homemade remoulade.  

Thirst Options

Coke - Sprite - H20 - Frozen Strawberry Lemonade (summertime)

Other Occasional Tempting CTB2E Foods

Bangin' Baked Beans - Cajun Joe (Sloppy Joe) - Red Beans & Rice - Boudin Bites

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