Our Story...

Co-Workers...Friends..Business Partners...

Milton Mouzon and Edgard Sanchez

In July of 2013 two football fans found themselves working side by side at an Atlanta warehouse. One was a Falcons fan (Milt), the other was a Saints fan (Edgard). It was a trash talking paradise heading to gameday every Friday. When the two teams played, it really got crazy. You would think this relationship would be rocky, due to the fact that Falcons fans and Saints fans generally despise one another. To everyone's surprise, they worked great together. They became friends, hung out together, and talked about their goals and dreams. After discussing possible business ventures, they decided to go all in and start up a food truck. Edgard loves cooking. Milt loves eating at food trucks. They both love making money. The perfect opportunity for both. And so the birth of...C'est Tout Bon 2 Eat - A Food Truck Divided!

About the Chef...

Hi, let me start with a little about myself. My name is Edgard and I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. My mom and dad immigrated from Managua, Nicaraugua with little to nothing.  My dad made his living painting cars for Ford Lincoln Mercury. My mom worked in the deli at Schwegmann's, a former New Orleans supermarket. With a family of six, my mother did her best to keep us fed. With Latin roots and a taste of what New Orleans had to offer, my mother would prepare some of the besgt meals I can remember. As the youngest, I was a momma's boy and would do what I could to help out in the kitchen. I watched, helped, and learned how to work my way around the kitchen.

Immediately after high school, I enlisted in the Marines to start my own career. During that time, I started a family and had 2 daughters of my own. I would cook occasionally for my family as my former wife did most of the cooking. Due to a draw down, I was unable to re-enlist after my four year commitment. With family to support, I was out of a job...a career I was planning for. I moved back to New Orleans with my family. My sister and her generous husband took us in, whilst I searched for employment. I wasn't ready to give up on the military, so I enlisted again into the Army after a month. After successfully serving a combined 22 years of service; I retired with an honorable discharge, lifelong friends, and lots of memories.

Hoping for the best for my daughters, I transferred my GI bill benefits over to them, so that they could attend college. Transitioning into the civilian workforce, I started work similar to what I did in the military, in a warehouse in Atlanta, Ga. One day I received a flyer in the mail for continuing education programs offered at Kennesaw State University. When I flipped the pages, there was one program that caught my eye, the Culinary Apprenticeship Certificate Program. I consolidated all my remaining benefits and managed to attend. Once again, my passion for cooking ignited as I was trained by a great instructor and several Sous Chefs at Park 75 at The Four Seasons, Atlanta.

Having put my passion, hobby, and calling on the back burner during my time in the military, I thought now is the time for Edgard. Partnered up with a great friend and his confidence in my talent and drive, we purchased a food truck and we're now ready to serve you. Come find us and have a gourmet experience with some New Orleans fare.

About the Investor...

My name is Milton Mouzon, Jr.  Yes, I am a serial entrepreneur.  I am that guy who always thinks about ways to monetize
everything.  Probably, due to the fact that my father was a serial entrepreneur.  My earliest memories of being a businessman were when I worked at my Pops sandwich shop next to B.T. Washington High.  I extended credit to students and charged a nominal fee.  This is how I learned about risks vs rewards.  If they didn't pay, Pops took it out of my meager earnings.  Working with friends is not new.  My childhood buddy and college roomie Doug Hollis and I embarked on a thriving Snow Cone Biz from the comforts of my front porch.

Although, I entered the traditional workforce, I have never given up my entrepreneurial spirit.  In fact, that spirit kept me afloat when I lost my job of 16 years.  Learning how to sell goods on eBay while I was working allowed me to transition into becoming a full time entrepreneur.  I am a firm believer in multiple streams of income.  

Edgard and I met working at a warehouse in Atlanta, doing jobs that we knew had no real future.  We didn't complain, we did our jobs and talked about our goals.  Edgard enrolled in the culinary program and upon graduation (and after tasting the Bayou Burger), I suggested the possibility of us operating a food truck.   In June of 2014, we started looking for thetruck.  On July 27th, 2014, we purchased the truck and shortly thereafter, left the 9-5 warehouse life behind.  The process has been challenging and we are learning more and more about the Food Truck business everyday.  I am even learning how to man the grill and fryers.

My wife Jill and I are thrilled to be able to join forces with not only a talented chef, but a good friend.  We look forward servicing the Atlanta area with delicious New Orleans style cuisine.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can be sure to fancy your tastebuds with the awesome culinary skills of Chef Edgard Sanchez.  It's All Good To Eat...See ya on the streets!

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