First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your support!  We are truly blessed to have such great friends, family and customers.  Nothing like seeing a familiar face while we are roaming about the city! 

We have learned a lot this first year of business.  We have been able to pass on knowledge to potential food truck owners by allowing them to do ride alongs and giving them advice on getting started in the business.  We have had a couple of students work on the truck and gain valuable experience.  We had unexpected downtime due to truck issues (dead generator, busted waterline, tire falling off in transit and several others) that we didn't expect.  Food Truck Life fact:  It's fun, but it's not EASY!

Two of the biggest challenges with a food truck are weather and events.  During the colder months, there are very few events planned.  Another challenge is not having a set location to serve our followers everyday.  If the regulations in Atlanta were better, we could be out everyday like they are in other cities.  

We decided to do a raffle and offer a chance to win some great prizes for helping us keep afloat during this slow season.  The raffle is for everyone, regardless of where you live.  We can find a worthy cause to do a catered event for, if an out-of-stater wins.  Maybe you have an organization in mind already!  The catered event for 1st Place is a $500 value.  Second place prize is a $25 CTB2E Gift Card (3).  Third place prize is a FREE Shrimp Po'Boy/Bayou Burger (10).

Here is how you can get your raffle tickets, if you can't get to us in person.  Click on the raffle ticket photo above.  This takes you to our CONTACT US page.  Then submit your name, youremail address and in the message area simply state:  "INVOICE ME FOR XX RAFFLE TICKETS. We will then send an invoice to your EMAIL ADDRESS.  Include your cell number also, so we can text you when we send you the invoice.  

Be sure to check your spam, if you don't get the invoice after we text that we sent it! 

Good Luck and Thanks again for your continued support!

Love and Appreciation,

Edgard & Angel

Milt & Jill